Earbud Issue

Good Morning!

I purchased these Soundcore Life note earbuds and I have had them for about 3 weeks now and before these 3 weeks, I have had the worst experience with them.
My left side doesn’t charge and I have cleaned the case and the earbud but nothing seems to work. They charge occasionally but up until recently the led light doesn’t even turn on anymore there is no light. My case charges just fine.
My right side has never been an issue but now I can’t connect it to my computer or any other device. My right earbud charges and comes on, but I hear no sound for the left side, and I can’t charge them.

You should have reached out to support 2 weeks prior. If you did, then it’s weird that they didn’t replace your unit since it seems faulty. Email service@soundcore.com and they can help you out.

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Hi @izywilliams56 as mentioned by @Shivam_Shah you would be best reaching out to service@soundcore.com to report this as a warranty fault. Make sure to include your purchase date, serial and troubleshooting steps taken so far (such as cleaning the contacts etc.).

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