Duplicate Serial Number from AliExpress - Fake product?

I just purchased two pcs of PowerLine II Type-C - Lightning 1.8m cables from this seller on AliExpress. This store is marked as official global store on Anker’s website:
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People talked about it in this forum before and Anker members has confirmed this is the only official store on AliExpress.

Today I got my package from China, received both cables in this unboxed condition:

No authentication stickers on the boxes. Checked the Serial Numbers and both have the same:

Then checked the photos in buyer reviews and I found more multiple SNs.

These products are really originals? If this is really a premium product then how can be the serial numbers used multiple times?!

Hi @gallaizsolt,

As stated on the Anker Product Verification Website it says "

  • If there is no label on the package or the label is different from the one shown in the example, your product cannot be verified. This does not mean that the product is counterfeit.
  • Only products sold offline have a security code on the package. We promise that all the products purchased through our Authorized Retailers or Distributors and Online Channels are genuine."

The security code/label only applies to limited number of countries.

Ali Express do back their products using “Guaranteed Genuine” which is if you will get a full refund if you have recieved a counterfeit product

For additional information I recommend you contact support@anker.com

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