Dual USBC car charger

I was wondering if anyone knows if Anker is planning to release a car charger with 2 USBC ports? I think the cigarette lighter puts out enough power for two?

I’m looking into charging iPhones (lightening to USB cables) as quickly as possible and also my Nintendo Switch on occasion.

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I don’t know if anker plans to make one. A cigarette lighter should have plenty of power to have 2+ ports.

Cigarette lighter??? What do you mean???

I mean, like, the charging port thing in most cars. A lot of people put cigarette lighters in them. So a lot of people call the cigarette lighters even though that’s not actually what it is. We’re talking about the thing the roav viva plugs into…

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Oh. You could’ve said “car charging port”.

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I’m sure Anker plans to, but doubt we’ll see anything too soon.

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USB-C still a newish system. As more phones switch over then I bet we will see more dual USB-C port chargers.

A dual USB C car charger from Anker would be nice. For right now, my PowerDrive Speed+ 2 gets the job done

This is a cigarette lighter

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Probably not a full market for it yet as USB-A is still prevalent

Yes, it is a tad bit early, @Kevin_Pagano is right stating that the market is prevalent to USB-A. The industry needs to move away from lightning, micro, especially mini and jump on in to USB-C!

I had to chuckle at this. Does anyone know when car manufacturers stopped including the actual lighter (heating element) with new cars? Late 90s?

Some people may not realize what those ports were originally for!

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I know that that’s what they were originally meant for but I don’t usually hear people refer to the charging ports as that.

Lol now cars come with USB ports :slight_smile: