Dual Port Quick Charge 3 Portable Battery Pack?

My gf and I are always on the run. Both our phones support quick charge 3 which makes refilling up on juice crazy fast.

Only issue is that there are currently no battery packs on the market that support dual quick charge 3 ports being used at the same time.

And personally I would rather have a larger battery pack than traveling with 2 smaller packs.

Future products down the road?

You are correct. In fact, I believe that there is only one USB Charger that has two QC 3 charge ports (PowerPort Speed 5). However, I am sure Anker will add future products that meet your wants and needs shortly. There is, on the other hand, a Car Charger (Speed 2) that does have two QC 3 ports. Hope this helps.

Just came across this from Aukey. No promises but I think both of the ports are QC 3. Still none from Anker at this point (that I can find / know of). http://www.aukey.com/product/PB-Y3

As you can see on Aukey’s specifications, only one port is Quick Charge 3.0. The other is just “AiPower” (Aukey’s version of PowerIQ).

Oh sorry, I did not come across that. I apologize

Unfortunately, I think this limitation is due to the high power draw of Quick Charge 3.0. It can take up to 3A, which is a huge power draw compared to the average 1-2A port. I’m not sure if it’s physically possible for there to be 2 QC ports at this point in time. I’d love to see it happen some day though!

You’re probably right. Do you have a car charger that has dual 3.0 ports, though. That may help if you’re traveling a lot.