Dual/Multiple Wireless Charging

Belkin just unveiled their latest additions in wireless charging, including a dual “family charger”:

Ikea has a triple wireless charger for a while now, too:

And, of course, there’s the multiple wireless charging Apple intends to release sometime this year, which seem to include some kind of smart managing through the iPhone

As a happy user of wireless charging - Anker PowerPort Wireless at home and at the office - I wondered how the habit of keeping our many devices charged would change with the advent of wireless charging. So far, I see no need for such a dual/multiple charger for my home or office - my wife has an Anker charge on her side of the bed. But maybe that’s because I own only one device capable of charging wirelessly. So, right now, I’m not on the market for such solutions.

Does anyone here find themselves wanting or needing such multiple chargers? Would you consider changing some furniture in your home if they included integrated wireless chargers - as some of Ikea’s does?

I like the idea of building charging pads into furniture like Ikea! Although, I worry what would happen if someone set a drink on it, thinking it was a coaster. :cold_sweat:

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Im guilty of doing this, I set a cup of hot tea on one of the pads thinking the same thing. My sister freaked out and I ended up spilling it ruining the furniture and wireless pad. Needles to say I still owe her a side table.


The first pic looks like a heat pad for coffee cups. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the simplistic, yet elegant look of some of Ikea’s products. Is it possible to make a whole charging pad? I mean, so you can throw all devices on one pad but it doesn’t have to sit on it’s own pad.

From what I understand, not with current technology. The coils have to be somewhat aligned for the charging to happen.

But I like your thinking!

On Kickstarter, I saw a product which does not like a heating pad.

You were able to get it very cheap for $36 dollar. I think it is an interesting product (looks a little bit like a copy but okay)