Dual input banks

Hello could anyone tell me what my options for Anker banks with dual input (x2 microUSB to USB-A charging cables). I would like to know all of the model names available with this feature (such as the A1277). Thank you if you can think of or find any more models.

Why dont you make a research by yourself or ask the support.
Remember we are not the support.
We like to help if problems are showing up.
And sometimes we can solve
But doing such simple researches should be done by the customers please.

They created 6 overlapping threads, I replied to other and so this should be closed

The more you ask the less you get answers :joy:

I’m not sure a person makes 6 new threads causes fewer answers. What does is the title not matching the question (one of them) and replies get spread across and so others afterwards find it harder to get answers by searching.

If we dont stick to threadiquette then it drives up asking the same questions as searching is weakened.

I suggest this thread is closed as replies were elsewhere.