Downgrade soundcore 2 firmware

Good day everyone! I am trying to downgrade my soundcore 2 to version 0.39 but it’s always says update failed, and if i flash the firmware 0.47 it updated just fine. Any tricks for the users who were able to downgrade their firmware? Thank you

Do you have any reasons to downgrade?
Let us know, why you want to do so.

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Is it even possible to downgrade?

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It is often useful to downgrade.
My god, we had often to downgrade systems, after the so called upgrade was working even worse then before.
One known error eliminated, but 3 new ones showed up. :smile:

You never worked real software creating and programming I suppose.

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No no no. I have downgraded things before. I just didn’t know if was possible to downgrade an anker Bluetooth speaker…

Let us all remember the downgrade from windows 10, back to windows 7 :joy:


I mean you never really studied software engineering.
Just doing some nice things at the surface using some nice GUIs is never real informatics.

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You usually can’t back track once you’ve updated.

So if you’ve installed new software, you OVERWRITE the old. Trying to install an older version won’t work, cos it’s not recognised as the newer software is now the OS.

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First you have to find out if the old version if its still available. :wink:

Then you have to delete the whole disk of the computer where the OS is installed and install the old version.
It is normally not possible to downgrade if the newer OS is still installed at the computer.

Don’t know if this is possible with other devices eg speakers…