Double Up the Power | Get Any 2 Wireless Chargers for 20% OFF

Hi, Anker fans! I’ve got a quick riddle for you. What’s better than one wireless charger?

Uhh…what? O-kay, not quite. Try again.

…Are you kidding me?

There we go!

Now is the perfect time to pick up a complete wireless charging setup, because from now through June 15th, you’ll get 20% off any two wireless chargers you buy! If you’ve already picked up one of our wireless chargers, but just need one more to complete the ensemble, you’ll get 10% off while this sale lasts!

Head over to Amazon to browse our range of wireless chargers now, and use code PWRFREE1 to get 10% off one charger, or PWRFREE2 to get 20% off any two chargers of your choice.

Power on!


Nice deal for those who are embracing wireless charging @AnkerOfficial :slight_smile: Is this a US thing or open to UK / CA / IT etc?

I’ve just tried the code @ndalby and it works fine here too :thumbsup:


Hahaha. My answer is 2 phones? LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: Sweet deals peeps. :slight_smile:


Great deal. Thanks for sharing. @AnkerOfficial

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Hey where did you find my picture at? No fair, now everyone’s gonna know I’m a chicken :laughing:


No, the chicken is not you, that banana is you!:joy:


My answer is 200 millions dollars.:sunglasses:

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Seize the deals, don’t miss it!:grin:

Nooo, I’m allergic to bananas


Don’t think I’m alergic, but they are - by far - my least favorite food! Funny thing is that I used to eat one every day as a baby.