Double product Review Anker's only screen protector for iPhone7/8 and Anker's Phone 8 KARAPAX Ice Case, Semi-Transparent Hard Back and Soft Bumper TPU

1.) I have purchased Anker’s screen protectors for my iPhone 8 about 3 times now, I tend to drop my phone off my lap, not very hard, but still. That being said, I still think that these screen protectors could be a little more durable. I know, I know, “Stop dropping your phone and you won’t have that problem.” Well, not so much. In the last set I got (they come as a 2-pack), the first one I tried to put on cracked immediately, which if you have ever used these, they come with like 6-8 different stickers so that you can line it up correctly and get it in place, and the other set is for getting off any dust on your screen. At first, it seemed unnecessary to have all those stickers, but then I quickly realized they make putting them on, in place, and clean, much much easier!

2.) Anker’s Ice case for iPhone 8 was, at first nice, sleek, simple. Only 2 pieces, a TPU back, with a hard plastic “band” that goes around the edge of it. I do not remember whether this was stated in the description on the site or on the manual that comes with the case, but Anker specifically says that the case was designed to have a very tight fit, which it does. They also show you how the way that you should put the case on and more importantly, take it off. Well, following their instructions I removed the case one day in order to put on my charging case, and when I went to put it back on (this was maybe the 3rd-4th time I had removed and put it back on since I’ve had it), the hard plastic band broke and that band is what gave the TPU material the stiffness and the case it’s nice fit. So for the first time ever I’m going to have to say, this ICE Case, I would not recommend, it’s actually not even on Anker’s website, only Amazon, which I found odd but whatever. Instead, I think, if I were to buy another case, I would get this

P.S I originally bought an Anker KARAPAX Case for my iPhone 8, which I can no longer find on Anker’s site or on Amazon to give you the full name, but it is a TPU as well, except it is one piece, not 2, and man is this thing amazing. It has saved my phone so many times, that now if I drop my phone I’m just like “Eh, it’s fine I have that Anker case on there” lol. I wish I could find it to drop a link because that one I highly recommend!

Thanks for sharing your reviews! For the broken case, please reach out to as you might still be in your warranty period. Thanks!

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Thanks, Yea I have. I didn’t mention it in my review because it’s kind of standard knowledge here that #Anker will always take care of their customers! :slight_smile: