Double beep on eufy cam

My eufy Cam doesn’t seem to retain charge? When I attached the USB cable a organge light comes on but disappears shortly after. My other 3 cameras charged just fine over night but this one I’m having issues. When I press the sync button I get 2 beeps instead of one and it can not be detected by the base station. I have managed to link it once but the camera won’t work as it decided it was flat. Is this what a double beep means? Low battery?

Usually this issue is due to the cable having a bad connection.

Try a different micro USB cable to see if this fixes the issue.

This exact same issue is happening to me. I cannot get the sync “beep” after holding down the sync button for 2 seconds. Instead I have to hold it down for ten seconds and I get “2 beeps”. I believe this “2 beep” signal is to indicate that the device has been returned to factory settings. Thats what a support member told me on live chat.

I was also able to link it once when it randomly gave me a “1 beep” but like spunky_em it decided it no longer had battery - despite charging for the best part of 2 days on the homebase. I tried different chargers and cords all to no avail.

Maybe they should let you add the device using the QR code - similar to how I had to add the Homebase.

Really frustrating as I feel its just a software glitch but i can’t restart the camera, and changing back to factory settings doesn’t do anything. I am now told that I have to take it back to the retailer I bought it from only 2 months ago… This is going to be a drama I’m sure as I only want oine camera fixed out of a 4 pack. I can just see the confusion on the retailers face when they try to work out how to replace just one camera from a 4 camera box - or ewven getting the camera fixed in Australia!

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Is this happening to you with both of your eufycams?

I have three same issue, first cam paired easily and second won’t go to sync mode, just does nothing until 2 beeps

Contact our customer support!

After 2 months of buying the cameras, one of them is having this problem (the other one still works fine).
I cannot get the sync ‘beep’ at all, even after 12hs of charging. All I get is the blue led blink and cannot sync to HomeBase2

This would be ideal IMO.

Help please!

We have the same issue. After charging the camera won’t sync with the home base. Not after pressing the sync button and also not after charging again for 10 min. Can someone help me out?

Did you have an answer? Have the same problem

Exactly same situation here. It appears that if a camera gets to 0% it’s not possible to reconnect. That’s the current summary … sad!

That’s terrible