Why Amazon you selling the eufy doorbell for $309.99 now one of the original price is $160 … 309.99 it’s too much for a doorbell … also when the eufy floodlight cam is going to get released? Thanks

More than likely you are seeing a 3rd party seller who increased the price. The units will not be back in stock until August 30th at the $159.99 price.


@ChristopherSeverino2 The eufy doorbell is currently out of stock and will be back to stock at the end of month. And the eufy Floodlight will be released at the end of August on


Floodlight globally end of August or is America getting a 6 months head start like the doorbell?

For US and UK market.

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Any chance you can give details on the storage of the Floodlight?
I have the eufy doorbell (loving it btw) and I feel like the floodlight would pair up nicely with it.

I saw that this is “in stock” on Amazon now, but I was still waiting on the code. Please Anker, don’t let it sell out before the codes go out, I’ll be getting one as soon as I see the code in my inbox :slight_smile:

@Darren_Mobley Shouldn’t have to wait for it to hit your inbox, there was a thread earlier that included the code for them to knock the price down to $109.99


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Oh, I missed that thread then! Thank you, just ordered, will arrive tomorrow via Amazon. :man_dancing: :partying_face:

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Hope you enjoy it :+1: