Doorbell Transformer

After having purchased the Eufy Video Doorbell and installing it myself, I’m disappointed that I never knew one needed to deal with upgrading the “doorbell transformer”, an obscure, hidden, and old piece of electrical equipment that could be buried anywhere inside my house: an attic, behind a garage door, under the floor joists, within a wall?

The doorbell is working fine, except at night when a red circle appears and the doorbell cam sometimes or sometimes does not detect a human being at the front door.

So my next step is to a call an electrician, who will probably charge me a few hundred dollars to find and replace my transformer so that my video doorbell can work correctly.

Eufy should warn all new video doorbell customers that they will need to upgrade their transformer for their new video bell to work properly. Because the true cost of buying and installing with be much higher than just DIY.

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Usually the doorbell transformer is found near the doorbell itself. If you have a closet near the entrance pop your head in and look upwards. Most are installed 6 inches centered above the closet door frame.

Our transformer was literally right behind our doorbell chime. Removed the cover of the chime and there it was, a quick disconnect of the breaker and I was able to replace it…

Door bell transformers are frequently in a Utility room in our area…typically mounted on a electrical box. Most doorbell transformers are wired into the power on a metal electrical box via one of the knockouts. It is not hard to change them…just be sure to turn off the power first. Take the plate off to see inside the box after checking to be sure power is off (use a meter to measure voltage on the transformer to be sure) There is a screw that holds the transformer onto the box located on the inside of the power box. Remove the wire nuts from the electrical wires inside the box (again being sure power is OFF) and remove the wires going to the transformer. Remove the transformer that is hanging on the side of the box by unscrewing the screw used to mount it. Mount the new transformer and wire in to the appropriate Hot (black) Neutral (White) and ground (Green) lead wires from the transformer to the power wires. But note: the new transformer you buy should meet the requirements for the Doorbell or you will have problems. There are a lot of ones that do not meet the spec’s so not just any one will do. Also, if you have small gauge wires for the doorbell and you have extra wires to your existing doorbell button you can increase the ability to carry the power to the doorbell by doubling up on the wires…just make sure to know which wires you use by matching colors on both ends. And also at your old door chime you will need to do the same.

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Could anything here be the doorbell transformer?

Nope! But if you can trace out that middle wire then you’ll find the transformer