Doorbell no longer records or senses motion

Was part of the beta test for the wired Eufy doorbell and recently it has stopped recording and picking up motion. I cannot get motion to be picked up by the sensor regardless of adding and deleting motion boxes or changing the sensitivity. Also nothing is recorded when the doorbell rings.

Reached out to support and they told me to try and reset it to no avail. Still no functions. It’s also past the warranty period so cannot replace it :frowning: I’ve only been using it for about two years which doesn’t seem long enough for a sensor to break but maybe that’s its lifespan…

At this point it’s the same as a normal doorbell but you can open it and watch live video through it :blush:

Anyone else run into this problem? Any ideas of other things to try?


Too bad it’s past warranty

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It was a beta test but I’m a bit worried about the other units and if this will be a usual thing or just a lemon

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If you are a “beta tester” you should have a perfect contact to the company.
You have to ask there!


Great idea. Did not think the group was still open as the indoor camera beta closed after we finished.

Turns out the wired doorbell group all had the same issue but almost one year previous (so I guess mine lasted longer :slight_smile:

Have posted there with fingers crossed!


Good luck.
You should know other “beta testers” so you could contact those as well.
We are no “beta testers” here.
I had never a chance to do such a “beta test”, but I am not jealous at all.
This can be done from members who got more skills and knowledge. :smile:

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Would you be willing to give Eufy another try?

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As you were a beta tester you should be able to update the firmware to current released firmware which could potentially fix your issue. It may be that the beta firmware had a expiry date and you have reached that and now need to revert to the public released firmware. Which is similar to what happened with the camera beta test.

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I had a wired eufy doorbell as well that stopped working a few months out of the box. I changed all settings, reset it, changed all the detection zones etc and it simply would not work. Had people leave packages at my door and not a single alert. They did replace it, but I also wasn’t 2 years in. One would think it would last more than that though.

Apparently the beta test is unable to have an official firmware push from what tech support told me. Talking to people on the beta test now hopefully we can figure something out.

installed update to eufy security in the last two days and now the eufy doorbell won’t detect motion. have checked all settings and none seem out of whack. Can’t figure out how to reset the doorbell cam to try that. mine is only a few months old. if there are no quick suggestions here, i’ll try eufy support. thanks for your time.

Update…09032021 5:40pm est. Eufy support suggested restart homebase and that seems to have restored motion detection. I guess it was detecting, but, not recording. Not sure what caused it.