Doorbell Comparisons May 2020

After testing the Eufy Doorbell I have been more than satisfied with its performance even a year after testing.

With so many doorbells on the market (Ring, Arlo, August etc.) with some almost 2x the cost of Eufy’s what are your experiences with other door bells?

Which brands and models have you used or seen at friends/family’s/neighbor’s houses?

What did you like best about the doorbell specifically?

Any downfalls of your doorbell?

I’d like to buy the Eufy doorbell, I’m just too cheap lol

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I’m really loving the test one. I haven’t gotten myself to buy one for my house as I tested it at my parents only. They are useful especially if you’re in a location of high crime/package stealing!

2x the cost of eufy?
IMO eufy have overpriced their doorbell
Eufy cost

Nest cost (always on offer)

Ring cost

So only the ring pro is more expensive

Yeah maybe I was looking at the Pro