Don't waste your money

Bought a pair of Liberty Zolo wireless earbuds and they only lasted two months. Will not sinc. Didn’t keep the receipt, no proof of purchase, so I was told I am out of luck. $100 bucks for two months use, I’ll never buy anything from this company again. Spend a little extra and get the Apple earbuds. And keep your receipt!!! I’ll just stick with my old Skull Candy wired buds. Reliability!

Please tell us more.
What is the source you are connecting to.
Have you tried other sources?

Don’t be afraid and angry!

We are ALL here to help you! :smiley:


Sorry for your trouble, what issue are you having with your earbuds? Explain here and maybe we can help you resolve your issue.

Also, dont bash a company because they require a receipt for proof of purchase…news flash, almost all companies require proof of purchase


Apart from a couple retail shops, almost all of Anker sales are online, so you should have the email confirmation of purchase, with order number from the purchased it from?

So, obvs… Where did you get the earbuds?


@fhassm @elmo41683 @amangons Thanks for the response. @James_Hoffman2 Sorry for the problem of the earbuds. Would you please let us know where you bought the earbuds? Please know if the earbuds were purchased from our official online store, we can match your purchase information in our system based on the buyer name, shipping address and the phone number. Would you please contact us via with the above information? We will try our best to help you out. Thanks

I’ve been using Anker Audio for a while now…My oldest anker audio device is the original sound core mini. It’s still trucking along just fine. If you haven’t responded to Anker Support or have tried to call or email them, I urge you to do so. I’ve received replies within a few days each time and they are all too helpful and have resolved issues.