Don't upgrade iPhone X to IOS 12 just yet


Any upgrade is dangerous. :sweat:
I will not talk about Apple in general.
But regarding the prices for their products the software should be made perfect. Though I must say there is NEVER a perfect software.
Computer science is not an exact science anymore. :sob:

Plug an pray!!! :joy:


Too late…already on it :grin: been using on my iPad and iPhone 7 for the past week with no noticeable issues but then as @fhassm has mentioned, any update or upgrade carries a risk or possible issue, hence the rolling updates…

Kinda makes sense why 12.1 was released to devs and beta testers the day after 12 was rolled out…


Fortunately all my Apple items are more than old.
Real antiquities!

So they stuck to a certain OS.
No more updates or upgrades possible. :grin:

I just managed to upgrade an old mac laptop to whatever the current OS is, I couldnt before but since I added more ram I was able to update it. Dunno what cha GED but it’s working good so far

As far I remember it is not possible to upgrade from “OS 1” to “OS 4” for example, because OS 4 is not the direct successor of OS 1 .

It works only step by step OS 1 to OS 2 to OS 3 etc.

But you’re lucky, you succeeded adding more ram.

I guess the color issues are primarily affecting the iPhoneX but you would think after 12 betas they would have fixed such a obvious problem. Doesn’t instill much faith in the rest of the OS.

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I’ve been running iOS 12 on my iPad Mini 2 and iPhone 6s and haven’t had any issues. I usually wait at least a week for an update but this time around, I decided to just take the plunge. So far, so good. Perhaps issues are on newer devices.

The only thing i don’t like about this update is that for every password i have saved for easy log in i have use my finger print

I have been using my secure log in on my Android this way since I got it. I actually prefer to have to use my fingerprint, but I also have it set up for retinal scan as well for when my hand is wet and it doesn’t register my print, I like this because anyone who gets ahold of my phone cannot just sign into my accounts or web pages

I went straight to 12.1 on my old phone but now back to 12 on new phone. No issues at all. Updated all devices in my house too.

Guess I should change the title to Don’t upgrade iPhone X to OS 12 yet as every other model seems to be working just fine with 12.

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i have x, 12 works fine

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Glad yours is functioning properly just wanted to give a heads up to those who might upgrade immediately. I usually wait a week or two to see there is any major problems I don’t like to beta test with my $1,000 device.

hmmm I didn’t notice any difference really.