Don't listen to the others. Please make this cable instead

Thunderbolt 3 Cable - 6 ft / 2m - 4K 60Hz - 40Gbps - USB C to USB C Cable - Thunderbolt 3 USB Type C & Charging

Better ask for it to be an active style cable as well since that is currently what is needed to fit what you are asking for. Maybe if they could find a way to ensure it is under the standard price tag of $50 is also a good request. That said, no way you get one very cheap considering everything needed to make what you want at the moment.

I bet it would be an expensive cable

True. A Google search will show a passive, “not from Anker” one costs $77.42 - but it works and it’s all I need to carry with my Anker 60W charger when I travel. I would prefer Anker quality.

Lol that’s way too much for a cable

I’m sure Anker could make it for much less.

I’d love for them to take a crack at it