Don't know where to reply to?

Hello, I recently reviewed my Anker lightning charger cable that I bought on and left a review stating that my charger stopped working after a couple of months. Today I got an email from Anker Support apologising and saying that unfortunately they come across defective products occasionally. They said in the email that they would send me a new one if I confirmed my address, they didn’t say where to reply to so I replied to the email confirming my address. They left me my “reference ticket” in the email if I was going to contact a “CSR” (I haven’t a clue what that means). I realised after I replied that the email address was just -some random numbers and letters- and wondered if I was supposed to reply somewhere else. Can someone help me out? Or did I reply to the right email?


Hi @Gabriel_DeWald

We already received your email, and please keep in touch with us, we will try our best to solve problems for you.


You should be fine.

@AnkerOfficial support is literally the best customer service! They are right up their with Apple and Costco - very customer-centric!