Don’t use a DEBIT card at a gas station

This is a growing problem all over the world. I highly recommend you use cash, or credit cards at the gas station. This is really horrible to see this is what the world is coming to.

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Yes this is very important. Don’t ever use your Debit card outside of issuing bank. Credit cards are best for all other purchases plus you get the points on your purchase.
When debit card gets scammed then good luck getting it fixed. Its like getting stolen cash back. It can be nightmare.
Credit cards (specially in US) comes with zero liability for misuse so even if it is stolen or scammed the user will not be held accountable for any misused funds.

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Okay :+1::+1::+1:. I’ll remember this.

I usually pay inside the store and not at the pump for this very reason. So far I have been lucky to not get any suspicious spendings on my bank statements

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Makes no sense to use a debit card anymore honestly

I’m not judging, just curious. But what are your other reasons for not using a debit card?

I guess, money and identity theft are the biggest reasons not to use debit cards.

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They are also not covered against fraud like credit cards and PayPal

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Never use a debit card anyway. Get a credit card with fraud protection and then you dont have to sweat it. I never use my debit card.