Does Using Dual Voltage Anker Products while Abroad Impact Functionality?

I love to travel, and more importantly, I like to travel efficiently. Usually when I go I prefer to never have to bring converters, and usually only a simple plug adapter. Anker chargers are super handy in that regard and I know that some/many are listed as dual voltage.

Being in the US, I use the standard 110V and have no problem with any of the items, but I am curious if I used the following while abroad:

Would I still get power delivery out of the PD slot? Curious about that for charging something like a nintendo switch.

What about with other products, or does anyone know from experience?

I found this in the Amazon questions section.
“Another version of this question was answered by TankTak on December 26, 2017: Yes, PowerPort Speed PD 5 features international voltage compatibility for 100-240V. However, because the plug is designed for the country to which it was originally shipped, you may need to use a plug adapter when traveling.”

Hope that helps.

I believe you can use any product outside of the USA as long as you have a power converter

I know you can use any item if you have a converter; however, these are bulky and not often necessary.

I do also travel with adapters to fit the various plugs, so my question stems regarding some of the functionality like Quick Charge, Power Delivery, or Power IQ. Are these factors impacted?

Not sure Anker go to unnecessary expense at changing things on products for each country they sell to.

So, long as you use an adapter for each plug type, there SHOULDN’T be an issue going from country to country.

They do do a wall charger that comes with a couple different plug types.

There are many devices nowadays with a voltage range 100 V to 240V. I have just bought a small device which even works in a range from 24 V to 240 V.
So if you travel abroad often - which I did in the past - you should have the proper adapter for the destination country.

Since my devices all run with 240V (or less) it is not so critical …

BUT since in your country the voltage is 110 V please DOUBLECHEK on the marking of the devices which you take with you, that they work with 100 V to 240 V - as the anker products will do.