Does the Soundcore Motion+ use the AAC Codec?

I know that all of the marketing likes to tout the AptX Hi-Res codec, but since Apple/iOS devices don’t use AptX, I just wanted to check that the Soundcore Motion+ uses the AAC codec for iOS devices, and not SBC.

No. It uses APTX but if you couple with IOS you will use the SBC protocol

Mac devices don’t use aptX by default, but it can be manually enabled. Here’s the instructions I followed: How to improve your Mac's Bluetooth music quality | Daniel Meechan I’m now using aptX on my Motion+ with a 2015 Macbook Pro:


I’ve confirmed via Console on macOS that it does not support AAC. Apt-X cannot be enabled on macOS Monterey 12.0.1. iOS never supported Apt-X.

It defaults to SBC and thus sounds lackluster with Apple devices. I’m not sure why Anker is ignoring their lucrative Apple users…