Does the "Human Only" setting even work?

For the most part, I really like the Eufy’s over the A**o system that I bought several years back but I do have a gripe. I have both the eufy Cam and eufyCam 2C but purchased the latter specifically for the Human Only feature. However, this setting keeps picking up a feral cat that walks up to the porch several times a day.

And while I’m here…
Does the Activity Zone not work either? I spent some time blocking out areas that has street traffic and that I don’t want triggering, but that feature also appears to be non-functional.


HUMAN ONLY: This works. Just not very well. I miss a lot of humans, and I get a lot of cars.

ACTIVITY ZONE: This actually works. But it also gets a lot of false positives due to shading/lighting. Like if a car drives by and does not cross the activity zone but the headlights shine on the activity zone.

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@1808-Eufy we are continually working to improve these functions, one thing I advise is to make sure you have the latest software update for both your home-base and your cameras. If they do get an update, go back and recheck all your settings as sometimes an update will undo certain settings.

If you like, please join us over at the Eufy security community where its strictly dedicated to all of eufy security products and we are better able to help you.