Does the EUFYdoorbell pro E8202 come with international plugs?

Hey all,

I live in the UK and are interested in the EUFY 2K PRO WIRED doorbel (E8202). This is the one which was being sold by bestbuy and includes 32gb storage. Alas its not available in the UK (yet?) yet someone is willing to buy it in the US for me and ship it over…

a) The PSU to the chime appears to be 110-240v, but does it come with the european plugs?
b) will the software side work , given it is in the uK? I dont see why not… but… ya never know.

Hi. I am in the uk and thinking of getting this doorbell sent from a friend based in the US. Did you ever get it? Thanks. Stu

Alas no… Id love one but postage, vat, import duty made it quite expensive…

At one time it was on sale at best buy for $119, postage was gonna be $40 (1kg), taxes $15 so around $180, for a device with no warranty etc… By the time I decided to just give it a go, the price went up to $180 so I moved on… I have a “normal” 2k wired doorbell its fine