Does the Anker PowerPort work as a converter?

Does the Anker PowerPort work as a converter, or something similar?

Can I take an adapter and my PowerPort while traveling overseas and not have to worry about the higher voltage?

I searched the forums and couldn’t seem to find anything to answer my question (so the apologies if this has already been answered). I’m from the states and I’ll be traveling overseas soon. While researching adapters and converters to use, I saw a few places comment on how they use their PowerPort with an adapter while traveling. While I understand the need for an adapter, I want to be clear about the use of the PowerPort (I currently own the PowerPort 4 Port), before I go on my trip and end up ruining my electronics.

From what I’ve read the PowerPorts only draw the energy they need in order to charge the device that is plugged in — which would stop my electronics from being ruined even if they were not made for the higher voltage of the country that I am in. Is this correct?

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This was one of the initial comments that I found on an Anker Q&A. I wanted more clarity around it. An adapter and my PowerPort and I should be fine no matter the voltage?

I don’t know the answer to you Question as my powerport 5 has not come yet. But in the future you can edit your post instead of adding a comment like this. Sorry I can’t help…

What they indicate is that a converter may be needed to get the international plug. A US 2 prong plug will not fit in a UK outlet and vice versa. The converters are just about everywhere for ~$16, like the one below from Target. You just need to make sure the adapter matches the outlet you will be needing to access.

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Correct, most of the chargers these days come with wider input voltage range such as 100 - 240V so they can be used in any country and the manufacturer doesn’t need to worry about country specific voltage ratings. However, when you order any product the charges come with plugs that is suitable for your country. You can always buy an international adapter that can be found in Dollar store, Walmart or most of the electronic stores so you can use these products wherever you go.
Just to be cautious, read the input voltage ratings on the label or fine print that is on the original charger.

In Europe it is not just about the outlets. You have to make sure your device can do 220V. That is the normal working voltage there. The AC input is always listed on devices; such as 100-240V.

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Never been overseas :cry:

As long as it says 100-240V for input, you can use it in any country.