Does the Anker powerhouse actually have a compatible solar panel? What do you think about the powerhouse?

Anker advertises that their powerhouse can charge via solar. What is a solar panel I can buy? Thanks for all info!

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@Anjou1888, I’ve noticed that you’ve been spreading some misinformation recently. Please do your best to avoid this so we can limit the amount of confusion on the Community.

Anker still sells multiple solar chargers, in various different regions.

PowerPort Solar (
PowerPort Solar Lite (
PowerPort Solar 60 ( (Compatible with PowerHouse)


I was informed (yesterday I believe) that they didn’t? Sorry, I was unaware

You can’t always trust other people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sometimes all it takes is a quick search to check :slight_smile:


They lied to me :cry: just kidding.

I’ll be sure to search stuff in the future… sorry for the mixup :disappointed:

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Not a big deal. I’m sure you aren’t the only one


Got really scared for a sec when he said they didn’t because I was about to say yesterday I was browsing them and now they are gone…did thanks snap them away :joy::joy::joy:

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I use the 21w all the time. It’s gotten expensive though! I think I paid $70 for it. Not enough for the powerhouse, but it’s great with everything else.


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Ok sure thanks!

Really? Was it a discount or was it just that low?

Is there a PowerPort 60 solar version for the US?

I got mine at a discount as well. I noticed the price jumps up often

Not (yet, at least).

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