Does Roav Bolt still “suck”? - As of 7 Nov 2019

Does Roav Bolt still “suck”? - As of 7 Nov 2019

Quick update/feedback from the ground on Roav Bolt. Definitely will help the anker team. :slight_smile:

Based on walmarts review by users. its a 2.8/5 :sweat:

Many of the comments were its buggy even when using basic core functions.

Not many reviews to date on youtube too.

Your thots?


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There’s several reviews on here - just do a quick search. Maybe someone more helpful may reply with some links to previous ones to save you looking.


I have one, I retired mine when I got my new car and the power outlet is buried in the center console and can’t be used unless I leave it open.

As to the Bolt sucking… it never really sucked. A lot of the reviews from what I can tell sound like user error. It also depends on if you are using iOS or Android. Of course the system worked better with Android and the reviews coming from iOS users saying it was buggy as sh*t were accurate for a while, but firmware/app updates have helped some.

Mine was paired to my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and for the most part it worked. I used it to ask for directions, weather updates, notification updates, message updates, reading and sending messages, and controlling my home smart devices including outdoor lighting, smart switches/plugs, and my ecobee thermostat. The commands worked about 95% of the time. But I had to speak loudly and clearly for it. The only issues I had was dictating a text message. Sometimes it got it wrong.

I have both the Roav Viva (alexa device) and the Bolt and Prefer the Bolt over the Viva. I’m keeping mind and may use it again when I get a new car or will install in my wife’s car when I drive it.

I give it about 3.5 to 4 stars because it was released to early, it was/is bugy with iOS, and USB ports are poorly placed.

My suggestion would be if you got one… would be to update your phone and make sure the phone OS is update to date, the Roav App is up to date and you have the latest firmware version running on the bolt. If you still have issues…

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I am summoning Google via Siri… all good… plus Alexa works OK with Viva Pro… so no more Bolt needed… though would like to see some good feedbacks from users. From using it for the first time, my rating would be 1.5/5

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Gd points made. Thx for sharing!

Via siri by long press button on steering wheel?

Look who juz showed up. :scream:

JBL Link Drive Plug-and-Play Google Assistant for Vehicles

JBL Link Drive

Yeah, it’s still terrible. Don’t buy it. Soooo many bugs.

I use it natively from iPhone …" Hey Siri Google" Keyword… it’s bit annoying but I use it

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