Does QuickCharge or faster output consume more energy?

I have had this thought for some time but cannot find the answer anywhere online so if anyone knows I’m interested.

We all feel the heat of devices when energy is flowing in/out. Some of this is chemical in nature some is electronics in nature.

I was wondering if forcing the chemicals to work faster or the electronics to work harder causes more loss of energy? i.e is less efficient?

So say Quickcharge technology do less mah end up inside your phone than if the same mah passed through just a slower rate?

Take say the 10000mah batteries which have QC and non-QC versions, if you were to drain the external batter would the phone have more charge off the non-QC than QC or would they be the same?

In my experience, I do think batteries drain faster with Quick Charge. I am not a scientist though, so don’t quote me.

It’s likely a little less efficient if it’s getting hotter. Interestingly, the OnePlus dash charge apparently runs very cool. Would love to see that tech in an Anker.

I am pretty sure batteries drain faster with Quick Charge but the purpose is to charge quicker and be done with it I think.