Does Power IQ 2.0 really have QC?

I saw in another forum members review post that Power IQ 2.0 incorporated Qualcomm Quick Charge and no one said anything otherwise, it was my understanding that those were different? Enlighten me! I currently think that Power IQ helps to charge devices without QC at their fastest speed, but if your device has QC it would be best to have the corresponding charger…


No. It needs to be QC certified. Product should say if it has QC

Yes, I tested with QC3 devices and it reported the charger as “fast charging”. However, Anker didn’t say the version of the QC in the powerbank.

POWER IQ is Anker proprietary quick charge technology. It provides superior safety in multiple aspects while providing with optimum charging speeds for QC as well as non QC devices. Power IQ 2.0 for me wins over QC 3.0 due to it’s faster, superior safety features & intelligent charging.

Quick charge tech on powerbanks/chargers on the other hand, from Qualcomm provides quick charging capabilities to quick charge compatible devices only.

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Power IQ 2.0 achieves quick charge 3.0 speeds for both input and output intelligently whilst providing top notch safety. It even surpasses QC 3.0 in some instances, at least for me.

Anker has mimicked the specs of Quick Charge without needing to get a Qualcomm chip. This allows the devices to be smaller and cheaper while providing the same speed.

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Same capabilities but better and cheaper bc Anker doesn’t need to pay licensing fees.

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What we are observing is that Qualcomm innovation has slowed so that Anker is able to mimic it and as it is similar
performance but is not a Qualcomm certified chip it becomes IQ2 and oh look it seems to perform as good as QC3.

For most of us we never wanted QC and wait for USB-PD.

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That makes sense, thank you!