Does "green" mean stop? Recharging my PowerCore+ Mini

I’m thrilled to have a new PowerCore+ Mini for charging my iPhone, and I’d like to care for it properly to optimize its charging power. The manual says that a green indicator light means its charged 50-100%, yellow is 20-50%, and red is 0-20%. Obviously the indicator light is helpful for telling me when my PowerCore’s battery is used up and needs to be recharged. But what does it tell me when I’m recharging it? if I charge my PowerCore+ Mini until the light turns green, will it be only at 50%? How will I know when its charged to 100%? If charging it until the light turns green means I’m only charging it halfway, then I’m missing out on half my battery’s capability.

Any advice about how to maximize my battery’s potential is welcome. Thanks!

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Oh its two different colors for recharging it and how much charge it has.

The manual.

I see the color when recharging is not in the manual, I think its green means its fully charged and any other color (red?) means its not yet fully charged.

The FAQ states the following;

What does the LED indicate when the PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Portable Charger is charging itself or other devices?
The LED light will stay on when charging a device, it will be green when there is 50%-100% capacity left in the powercore; and then turn yellow when there is 20%-50% capacity left in the powercore; and turn red when the capcaity goes down to 5-20%. The red light will begin to flash when the capacity is lower than 5%.

When the powercore is being charged, a stead yellow light will stay on when the PowerCore+ Mini is charging. The yellow light will turn green when the PowerCore+Mini is 100% charged. The green light will turn off after unplug the PowerCore+ Mini.


I personally have this device and I can confirm that when recharging, a green light means 100% charged. No worries!


This is exactly the answer I wasn’t able (or didn’t try hard enough :smirk:) to find. Thanks!

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