Does Flare Mini and Flare+ auto turn off in bluetooth mode, even when they are connected to charger?

Hello, I am thinking about using either Flare Mini or Flare+ as an external speaker to my desktop system. But usually there is an auto turn off feature in these external bluetooth speakers when they idle for 10 minutes or so. What I wonder is, do Flare Mini and Flare+ speakers automatically turn off even when they are connected to the charger via micro-usb port?

I tested it myself now, connected both Flare mini to power source, powered ON both, these stereo paired as well as paired to my iPhone,disabled BT on my iPhone so Flare Mini pair go idle on BT connection.

Answering the question from @Canol_Gokel they stay paired and ON since they are still being charged and ON. Will let them continue to charge and see if there is any change of status.

Created video for some fun :star_struck:


Thank you for your experiment and video! This might be the reason I buy Soundcore Flare.


Interested to see how @Shenoy test pans out, would think they would still auto power off on BT if nothing is playing after 30 minutes…

Though not certain if power off settings can be manually set for the Flare+ which could help circumvent the power save…

Wondering how this played out

I completely forgot I kept them charging… They were still ON… though Not charging (fully charged).

Unplugged the power from both… they have not powered down after 10 min which was the case when I had only 1 Flare mini inactive.

Will keep them as-is without any phone paired to them and update shortly


both the Flare mini speakers powered OFF exactly after 30 min with power disconnected.

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@Shenoy that’s great news! Thanks for your time for experimenting for us.

I think Flare+ would behave same way. If I end up buying Flare+ I will do the same experiment and let you guys know.

I hate cables, and my desktop speaker system has too many of them: one power cable, one aux cable, two cables going from the woofer to the satellite speakers, one cable going to a remote volume adjustment thingy…

And I only use those speakers for ambient sound, when I need stereo sound for gaming, I use headphones anyway. So I am planning to get rid of my 2+1 sound system entirely and replace it with an Anker Soundcore Flare+ that sits in a corner of the room with just a charging cable which would reduce the clutter a lot.

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Glad I was able to help!

That’s a great idea :ok_hand:t2:

Using cable is essential when playing , no delay.
I got two FLARES using those via BT in stereo mode.
To place the speakers in a perfect position needs some playing around with.

The speakers and the listener should build a “isosceles triangle”.
After placing the Flares at this position its perfect.