Does anyone recommend Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight for general purpose household flashlight?

Does anyone recommend the Anker Bolder LC40 LED Flashlight for a general purpose household flashlight?

“general purpose”

define please.

The LC40, is a light I very much like, it is tough, bright and for its brightness fairly small. Cheap!

For “general purpose household” use it probably is over-kill on brightness. In the house = short distance = its very bright!

Be aware it a full-brightness 6 hours battery to which when exhausted you must unscrew the bottom, take out the 18650B battery which you must buy separately, and put in a 18650B charger, and then either put in your spare pre-charged 18650B battery so the torch is immediately useful again, or wait a few hours for the battery to recharge.

LC40 makes good sense if you buy say two 18650B batteries and swap them over, or you just proactively in daylight remove recharge refit. It makes even more good sense if you bought say 2 of 3 of the LC40 and then that investment in the 18650B charger would benefiting many LC40.

This is what I did. The LC40 comes up for sale a few times, I think I seen it down to $7. Buy a few. Buy a few 18650B, say 1 more than the LC40 you bought. Then proactively periodically just go to each LC40 put in the recently recharged 18650B and put the removed 18650B in the charger. Then you keep all the LC40 fully or nearly fully charged all the time. Then you put the LC40 around the house so they are there for that moment you really need them. Then when you need them, you are covered.

In bulk, the LC40 at $7, the 18650B (more so in summer when stock is higher as less buying for winter darkness torches) is $4, the 18650B charger varies but say a $20 one will charge 2 at once.

If you don’t want the battery removal problem, then go with the LC90, it has a recharger built in, just supply USB power. The LC90 is a lot bigger. Lot higher cost.

I use one LC90 now daily for walking the dog, and have multiple LC40 scattered around the home and in cars and I just round-robin keep them recharged.


i keep an lc40 in a drawer under coffee table in living toom. its small and bright and good for all around lighting needs when i’m sitting around and need extra lighting for something. I threw my lc90 in the truck.

thanks Nigel and Bill, I just got it today, I am really impressed, It’s like a mini halogen floodlight lighthouse in the palm of your hand, will defo get more of these in future and maybe even one for my Mum!