Does anyone own the Anker CB310?

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody has the Anker CB310 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?
Being an avid Anker fan I own many Anker products and trust them, however, I am not yet sold on their Keyboard and mouse;

Does the battery life last a long time?
Is the keyboard ergonomic and the mouse suitable for larger hands?

I would just like to hear peoples thoughts on this product, even if you don’t own one id still love to hear your thoughts!

I personally have not. However it is an older Anker product, but it has a solid 4 stars on Amazon. For the price I would personally go Logitech just because of them being pioneers in the wireless peripheral game.

But I have no doubt that the Anker setup is on par with the Logitech’s in the same price.

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I have owned it for the past few months and I personally love it. I have had logitech in the past as mentioned by Saad, and my experience was not enjoyable as the keyboard died within months and it would intermittently disconnect. Fastfoward to the CB310, nothing but reliability and its water resistant and failrly quiet. I love it! I say get it!


Thanks for your advice, I do really like the look of the Anker CB310, the only downside is it is not sold by AnkerDirect on the UK Amazon so I’m not sure if Anker would fulfil their warranty.

I did look at Logitech equivalents thank you, Saad, however, I could not find anything that featured things that the Anker does such as a wrist rest (The CB310 is currently £32.99) unless I stumble upon something else I will get the CB310, Thank you Saad and Cava3395 :slight_smile:

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I finally bought it a few days ago! Thanks for your advice, I am very pleased with it, however, I do have concerns about the longevity of the key printing, have you experienced any issues with keys rubbing off? and how long have you had your keyboard?
Thank You! :slight_smile:

Ive had it for over a year and use it everyday as well as my wife. And they keys still look new they are shiny but the lettering is not rubbed off at all.

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I hope you enjoy it as I have! :grin:

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