Does anyone know what this Anker product is?

This is in the CES post, and I can’t identify what it is. It has two PD outlets, though, which I imagine some of us might want:

It also looks quite different in size and design than most of the power banks on offer right now. Are we looking at a new product here? Or maybe one that was released in Asia only?


It is the Atom Pd 100w charger I believe. I don’t think it has been released yet but I could be mistaken. It’s continuing Anker Arom Pd line and looks amazing


That’s what it says on the trophy!




I’m hoping they will come out with an atom or powerport with like five to six usb c pd ports on it so I can fast charge everything set once. But this is definitely a step in the right direction

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Its also named in the CES 2019 post on the forum

Think you need to study the picture a bit more buddy :joy::joy:

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We will studying all the drawings which will show up at another thread.
Tomorrow I will throw my “head” (sic) in…heheh!


But…i thought the atom 100w was a small plug like the 30w

100 W is bigger than 30W …

But that looks like a power bank - i thought the 100w was just a plug.

It is a desktop charger (with extension cable). Has been referred to as both PowerPort Atom PD 100W and PowerPort Atom PD 4.


That makes more sense, thanks for clarifying

It’s the so called PowerPort Atom pd 4

I can’t wait to see what the future of Anker has in store for usb c