Does anyone know how to "unclaim" a Power User Sample item?

Yikes! I was scrolling thru the Power User Sample items and accidentally clicked to claim a free sample of the KARAPAX Ice Case for iPhone X. I don’t have an iPhone X. Unfortunately, I was not able to unselect it. Who do I contact unselect the item? Does Anker actually have an email for its Power Users? Or do I just email Anker support?



Tagged support so they can have it pop up on their feed.

Emailing them would be my best bet.

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Thanks. I think it would be great idea if on the Power User page, there was a “contact” button just for Power Users. This would allow Power Users to ask questions, voice concerns, etc for products that are available for reviews or concerns about a review product that they received. This would allow faster response. For instance, I had a problem with one of my review products while I was doing my review and wanted to make sure I got all the ins and outs of the product before doing my review… it would have been nice to get a faster response. I contacted their support but that only delayed my review.

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Best thing to do is email and/or . Did a similar thing myself where I claimed a LC40, then found out I won the same torch an hour later in a comp giveaway. Sometimes your told to keep the item when it’s already too far along to cancel or just to refuse delivery.


Contact support.

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How does one go about this?

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Thanks everyone! I’ll email . :slight_smile:

Problem resolved… I contacted Anker at Rosa came to the rescue again. :slight_smile: It’s weird but before I got the reply to my email, I went back onto the Power User page and it was gone. Rosa confirmed that there was no request for the iPhone case… totally weird but oh well, problem solved. :wink: Thanks Rosa for your quick response and help, as always :slight_smile:


When the delivery driver comes to your door, say thanks but no thanks :laughing: Most of the PU samples I’ve had have either come via Amazon drivers or Royal Mail post, both of which you can decline to accept from…although you can get one of those looks from the drivers like they would love to stick the item where the sun doesn’t shine :wink:

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nice to hear Rosa was able to resolved your problem…Always had a great experience when I needed to contact her.

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Any related power users problems, you could all email, Rosa will help you to figure out!:grin:


Rosa is great at dealing with our PU problems and questions !
Thumbs up for her !

You can contact Rosa, from the Anker Team, she is very good at solving problems :blush:

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