Does anyone know how to fix it?

My soundcore mini speaker flashes blue once then makes a sound then shuts off

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Is it low on battery? Happens to my Soundbuds Slim so just assuming.

I have been charging it or at least trying too

but u may be right

I’ve never experienced this on any of my soundcore products. This is probably an error code of some sort. You should check the owners Manual to see what it means.

Best of luck!

yea probably and thanks

No, there are times when I’m on low battery and when I turn them on, they turn off when they die. I’m not sure what the problem with this Mini is so just wondering

If everything else fails, email Soundcore at

Well, if that is the case, then this flashing blue light is the error code for low battery.

@jocelynrreilly once you figure out if this is the battery, @ me and I can help you figure out how to get your Soundcore Mini charging properly :wink:

I’m not sure what Mini’s light mean. I’ll try to find the owner’s manual to see if I can be of any help :grin:

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So looks like if the speaker is on low power, it flashes white and flashes blue in pairing mode. So my question @jocelynrreilly is, have you played music using the speaker?

Low battery, charge it and then I suppose it will work.

Try using a different charger/ cable too if you have trouble getting it charged back up.

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I was going to suggest this.

Remember the Soundcore speaker needs a TRICKLE charge. If your using a powerbank to charge or even too big wall charger with trickle charging, then the speaker won’t charge.

Make sure the charger or powerbank TRICKLE, or the speaker won’t charge.

@Chiquinho, @MacBlank, @Oggyboy if you look at the owner’s manual here, you can see that the blue light is not for battery. Mini has 2 different LED (1 for bluetooth connectivity and 1 for battery). This doesn’t seem like a low battery issue to me.

The only other light is for Bluetooth connection…
It’s either already set for a device, or it’s asking to be connected.

Have you connected via bt to your device?

yes i have

its not even turning on anymore and i had it charging all day. so i don’t know

Well since none of us can seem to figure this out, just email support and let them know everything in as much detail as possible. They’ll help you get it fixed or replace your unit

You need to try a different cable and charger. Forget the blue light when you turn it on, it’s trying to draw more power to connect to a BT device when it already had low power hence why it shut off. So try using a different cable and plug to charge it for at least 3 to 4 hours.