Does anyone have a HydroClean Pressure Washer? What are your thoughts?

I bought one and recently had to return it. The motor was doing something very odd… Roav Pressure washer video. Has anyone had theirs do this? I was right at the end of my return policy so I returned it to Amazon for being faulty.

I wish I had the chance to use it more.

What are your thoughts? Should I buy a new one? Should I wait for Version 2? I was really impressed with it but there were a few small things that could be improved for V2.

I love mine and have had no issues.

My review:

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I’ll read it now! Thanks!

Wait that’s a legit thing

@TechnicallyWell Did a good unboxing and test video here aswell :slight_smile:

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I haven’t had that issue either, but it looks like water may have been leaking from the front connection (to the sprayer wand) which could have been causing the motor to kick on randomly.

I thought so too. It only leaked when there was pressure (when I would squeeze the trigger). Even with the quick disconnect off it did the same thing sadly.