Does Anker work will Small Businesses?

I work for a AV company that specializes in custom installs, whole home automation and basic smart devices. We sell Ring, Nest, Sonos, Google Home…etc products as well as bigger whole home automation products like Control4. We also have an Automotive location for Car electronics and detailing. In both locations we stock a handful of smaller stuff, charging cables(previously belkin but looking for something better), powerstrips, headphones(previously the likes of Skullcandy, JBL, Sennheiser), car chargers(previously Scosche, iOttie)… I have been talking to my boss about some of the product we offer versus whats available out there in terms of quality and have even given him some of my Anker products to try for some time and hes been impressed and given me the green light to pursue working with Anker. I havent been able to find any info about Anker working with smaller businesses, it seems like they work mostly with huge corps like Amazon and BestBuy, but my question was has anyone had any experience with this subject or have info about who I could talk to? I know @Loz would be someone good at Soundcore, but we are interested in possibly working with all of Anker Innovations not just Soundcore.

Sorry, I know this is likely a questions 99% of people wont have experience with or an answer to, but im hoping someone can point me in the right direction, tell me its a waste of time, or put me in contact with someone. @Insider if there are any other admins people know of feel free to tag them.

I don’t get it :man_shrugging:. If you really want to work with anker and distribute their products, then why not contact support- as they’re the only ones who can really help you…

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Maybe send support an email or send @AnkerOfficial a dm

I have, and awaiting further info, but SUPPORT is generally for just that, support with Products. They are usually NOT for partnerships, or distribution, usually there is information on a companies website about where to inquire about business dealings specifically.

They will doubtless forward you to the correct team though.

Please reach out and contact the wholesale and distribution department at:


If you have interest in coperating with eufy to sell eufy security device, you can contact me!!!:laughing: You can join our eufy security referral program, get $100 reward for every successuful refererals.

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Either the email address @Tank mentioned or would be your best points of contact @Ed_C for what you described.


There’s a VIP support :scream:

Doesn’t matter which email I message, because they always forward me to VIP



Well what can I say in response to that lol

You can tell me how great I am :man_shrugging:

We are certainly interested in it. We currently have Nest Pro and Amazon/Ring business accounts, we have access to Arlo but being that I am the Procurement Manager, the owner has given me some discretion on the matter. And considering my experience overall with Anker I would prefer to support Eufy cam’s then Arlo. We have 2 retail locations however, so these are items we are looking to stock rather then refer clients to a website to purchase.


To further elaborate…we are also considering toning down our in-store stock of Ring and Nest products because of both companies lack of support/margins/Promos for small businesses. If we were to price match their products on sales they offer on their websites wed lose money everytime. Its really a shame.

Hi @Ed_C,

For more detailed cooperation, I will contact you by mail tomorrow.:hugs:
We can offer good price for small businesses clients.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I just sent you a message on here with my business email:) thanks!