Does Anker still put out its deal flyer?

I’ve always been willing to pay a little more for the Anker brand, but when I was hesitating the insider discount codes were often what got me to pull the trigger.

This week I need some 10-foot lightening cables and it now occurs to me that I have seen a promo email for Anker products in ages. Are they still offering occasional coupons and discounts?


I’ve only seen new product launch flyers.

Their discounts are slim for months. In part I suspect as supply of electronics is currently constrained so they aim for average higher selling prize products (Nebula, Eufy, etc).

TBH they always inflated their RRP by 20%-30% to then always be 20%-30% off to make it feel like a good deal, so the real deal is the 40%-50% off deal.


I haven’t gotten one in a while

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