Does Anker sell any 10 ft USB-C to USB-C cables with USB-PD?

This Powerline III cable seems to exist, but the link goes to a 6 ft version:

Searching the UPC, the name, etc.: no results anywhere on Google, Amazon, etc. I’m looking for a USB-C to USB-C cable that’s

  1. 10 ft
  2. USB-PD capable
  3. Ideally has a lifetime warranty

Currently no 10ft cables that I can recall.

I believe there was one, @ikjadoon90, but it probably went out of stock.

If you email, they may be able to provide you with an estimated timeframe of availability again.

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5ft cable.

So if you get an Anker 6ft cable, 5+6=11, you get to 11ft, so above your 10ft ask.


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I didn’t find such cable from Anker but you can always try a different brand

Hey @ikjadoon90
As most of the guys have mentioned.
I’ve found a 10ft A to C but not C to C by Anker.

I think you’ll need to go with a different brand. Searching 10ft usb c to usb c into Amazon brings lots of results.
All the best.

The issue is that the longer the cable the less the voltage at the end due to the accumulating resistance. You can get away with it for non-PD applications quite cheaply, Anker calls that VoltageBoost. PD cannot use VoltageBoost.

For a given Wattage, you have to make 10ft cable 41% thicker than 6ft cable to still pass PD.

So this is quite intelligent of someone in Anker, who is avoiding a “doesn’t work” warranty claim issue from PEBKAC. Anker sells Powerstrip and desktop chargers with C7 cables instead. C7 can go to 30ft long.

Brilliant idea @professor! :joy::joy::joy:


Back in stock now, @ikjadoon90!

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