Does anker really need to keep on using those small little plastic bags?

So after unboxing my anker flare mini it has come to my attention that in 2019 anker is still using little plastic bags which cannot biodegrade and takes about 500 years in order to!
My point is can’t they just use some other alternative than these little plastic bags for the record I think that they don’t need plastic bags Mabey just wrap it around in paper or don’t use any at all and worst of all it makes it feel slightly cheap
What do you guys think
Should anker keep swap for a alternative or ditch the thing all together?
It can stop wasteful garbage to! And best of saves the company money!
And it only needs one company to start the trend
I wonder if anker will be up to the task and protect our planet :earth_africa:

And yes I know only a few people really give a shit about this but it’s a fucking big deal and if more of us are concerned Anker should be to!


Thank you for your suggestion.
Some of our products are packed with such small plastic bags, some of others are not.
If there are a lot of accessories, we will basically use a small plastic bag to better accommodate it.


I see you do that but why not just use a piece of paper to cover it all of the accessories - makes the product feel a lot more premium to! And the volume of which you sell your products at even if is just “one” still Creates a lot of waste with my iPhone XS Apple used a bit of paper to cover the charger I mean Apple of all people!!!

If we receive more suggestions just like you, we will improve it in the future.


I think Alex makes a very good point. I know I would feel better about purchasing a product if the company was eco conscious. I don’t really see any reason to use plastic beyond the product itself. Paper is cheaper biodegradable and could highlighted in your marketing campaigns.

Let’s hear from the people

  • Plastic bags
  • No plastic bags

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@Alex_Honnor While I agree with your stance on the plastic bags let’s keep the language in check…while it might enforce your frustration it doesn’t really lend anything to the overall argument :slight_smile:

Plastic could easily be swapped for a cardboard box or slip but let’s not forget that these are produced in China where uptake and outrage on plastic pollution is not at the forefront like other countries (and uptake in those countries now is in part I think due to the Blue Planet documentary giving a full visual of the pollution so far afield)…

Strangely, I recently picked up a wireless charging patch for my iPhone 7 so I can review a feature on a set of earbuds…to my amazement it was surrounded by a recycled paper slip :+1: but the slip was contained in two plastic wallets and then its recycled cardboard envelope :confused: :confounded:


That’s what I like to hear :+1::+1:

Yes I know it’s more expensive to produce items in the USA or more developed countries but mabey they will have a better chance in doing so and helping the the United States economy :+1: which needs more jobs like that

an excellent option would be to replace them with ecological paper bags


I would love that !!!

I’m starting to see some companies using less plastic or using a plastic baggie that is designed to break down faster or they use a piece premium paper folded over an item.

I would love to see Anker do something like this.


Very good and Noble thought!

  1. Stop using plastic and use paper / cardboard packaging.

  2. If there are a lot of accessories, and plastic bag to accommodate this is a must, then try the to use Biodegradable plastic.

Recently received the minis, and the packaging had an exterior plastic pouch outside the main package, plus the separate plastic for quick start guide & warranty card. Plus thin foam packaging for Mini and MicroUSB cable (not sure if these are biodegradable or not). Felt only the mini needed the thin foam cover, everything else should be packaged directly within the box without any plastics / foam cover.

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I’m more concerned about that fact that it makes thaT packaging seem incredible cheap, which isn’t what anker is looking for. I also don’t like cheap packaging…

Believe Anker will try to walk the fine line of environmental friendly packing while maintaining good package appearance without making it look cheap, they are listening hear on this thread (and similar posts)

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Totally agree your paying a premium for these products to!