Does Anker Make shorter USB-C cables?

In looking for USB-C to USB-C cables to change my phone with my power bank, I find 3ft cables are just a bit too long.

I know Anker makes nice 1ft MicroUSB cables and Lightning cables… But I can’t find USB-C to USB-C shorter than 3ft.

Anker, do you have any plans for this?

Update: False alarm. The one that came included with my PowerCore+ 26800 PD is also 3ft. Sorry! Again, you my try reaching out to their support team, but at this point, I doubt that will do much to help. Anker apologizes for the inconvenience they have caused you! (and everyone else looking for a shorter USB-C cable).

I don’t think the USB-C cable I received with my PowerCore+ 26800 PD was quite 3ft, but I will try to confirm that when I have access to it later tonight. If what I think is true, you may be able to order one by contacting but that is far from a guarantee.

I would also like to have a very short one. But I noticed that USB-C cables are much more rigid than the Lightning ones.
Maybe that’s why. Being very short, the cable would be even more rigid.

They could release shorter one easily as long there is a demands for it. Anker seems to be slower compared to amazon and other brands. Properly they want to make it right.

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I would like to see a 6inch type c cable

So Anker now offers USB-A to Type C cables at 4" length, but no C to C that I can find yet.

Link to newly released bundle:

@AnkerOfficial: Any plans for a shorter C to C cable?

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