Does Anker make desktop or wall chargers with three prong plugs?


I’d like to get an Anker desktop and wall charger, but I live in Asia. Does Anker make charges with three prong plugs like this or two prong plugs like this?

Hi @alvinsoon and welcome to the community. Anker does a number of wall charger’s in the three and two pin socket standards. For example;

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@alvinsoon Welcome! Yes, you can get our wall charger on Amazon, but where are you live now? I have to check that if our delivery is available to your place.:grin:

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welcome to the community!

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Thank you! I hadn’t seen that on Amazon.

I live in Singapore. Do you know if there are Anker products on sale in physical or online stores here?

What about this desktop charger though? There’s no indication what kind of power plug it uses. Does it come in a three-prong version?


So, the “desktop charger” types which is Powerport5,6,10 use a generic port facing mains and come locally with a cord to fit the local port type. You can buy a generic power cord to your local plug type, or a plug adapter.

A generic laptop power cord will fit the Anker “desktop charger” type. I do that often as I move between continents.

However it is more important to understand that the local plug adapter ontop of the USA plug is actually no bigger. I often move between the UK and USA and it is easier to use Anker USA products and and use a UK-USA socket adapter.

The advantage of the UK plug is its friction, its resilience to being pulled, it tends to stay in the plug more.

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Yes, this charger in the link( is in UK three-prong plug, and if you want to use the desktop charger in Singapore, simply get a Singapore C7 power cord to work with the desktop charger.

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Thanks, unfortunately it looks like none of the options on Amazon ship to Singapore :frowning:


This becomes more of a challenge for you to know what cord it comes with, because with Amazon if you bought in UK it would be a UK plug, on AnkerDirect, I’m not so sure what it would ship with but my guess is its determined by the shipping-from country, but worse case you can buy a different cord or local plug adapter.

Any cord C7/C8 of length for your needs

You see 3 diagrams above. The left is the shape of the socket/plug, the middle is what the C7 end of the cord looks like and the right image is the shape of the C8 socket on rear of say a Powerport5.

All that Anker does in UK is ship a C7 cord with a UK plug, in USA with C7 cord a USA plug.

Because of this standard, a lot of companies, like Anker can make one product (say Powerport5) with a C8 socket and just in the local country add the local C7 cord for the country so no special product tooling.

I see! Thanks for the detailed explanation, I wouldn’t have figured it out on my own. eBay does ship directly to Singapore so that’s where I’ll probably order it from – thanks!

Update: I may have spoken too soon! Turns out not everything ships to Singapore. I may just order from Amazon and use a forwarding service instead.

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When you receive the product, welcome to update again!!!:yum: