Does Anker have this?

I need a device that can charge my Note 5 (fast charge preferred) and then have an extra USB port as well to charge an additional device.

Here’s the kicker - I also want to charge my Macbook Pro 2013

Does Anker have something like this?

Have you though of looking through the products pages?

yes dont see anything

I think your best bet is the Power House.

There is nothing smaller than that right now.

oh it has to be portable…

The MacBook charging tips are proprietary, so it’s hard to find (quality) 3rd-party charging adapters. But maybe a power strip with built-in USB charging ports will help, like this one?

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I’d agree with Clayton_Reeves.

That portability things can get in the way of the power house. It is called house for a reason, it is no small nearly 9 lbs.

Yes I agree that the PowerHouse is the best solution.

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