Does A3142 have a built-in volume equalization or power limiting mechanism?


I was gifted two Anker bluetooth devices, A3142 and an A3143 with two different but easy to fix issues.

The A3143 had a broken speaker mount (internally) and the A3142 had a It faulty battery protection PCB and charging circuit, but no mechanical problem.

After fixing both, I’ve noted a strange thing: The A3142 (which is technically more powerful than the A3143) is sounding quieter and the volume seemingly drops when the music gets louder in bass frequencies (the volume is fluctuating) while playing in max volume. The A3143 doesn’t have such issue.

This fluctation is quite familiar to me in sound systems that try to equalize or limit the output power.

I’ve disassembled and re-assembled the A3142 to check if the sealing was air-tight as it should be and if nothing was loose, and everything was ok.

I also checked the health of the batteries and they are almost perferct, they’re holding the voltage still while playing and they are discharging as slow as they should.

The speakers are also completely fine, everything seems to be ok, but the volume still fluctuates when playing in max volume (and only when trying to play bass sounds). In lower volumes it sounds just fine.

So, my question is: Is there any volume equalization or limiting mechanism in it? Or some mechanism that tries to limit the output power when in low battery?

And if there is, is there a way to disable it?

Thanks by the help!

Daft question, does this happen to other devices?

If so, or even if not, have you checked ALL your Bluetooth settings n audio settings?

I know on one of my music players (others may, never really played with them) I can set a limiter… Rather turn on/off

Also, what items are those codes?


Thanks for contacting Anker! We are so sorry to hear the issue with your speaker.

Regarding the issue you mentioned, please note the Output Power for A3143 is 20W and for A3142 is 25W, so the A3142 is more powerful than A3143.
But we give improvement for the bass of A3142, the bass is much stronger than A3143, so you will feel different when you listen music especially when the bass sound exist.

Meanwhile, when the battery is low, the volume will be limited to protect the battery and extend the play time.

Hope it helps. If not, please contact us at """" for further assistance.

Have a wonderful day!

I think he’s asking if there’s a software limiter? Thus stopping it from reaching max sound.

Yes, I was asking about any software/firmware limiter.

My A3143, for example, will distort the sound if I rise the volume to high levels, just like any ordinary amplifier.

But my A3142 (the Soundcore Pro) will not reach distortion doesn’t matter how high is the level of the signal I give to it.

That’s why I think it has some limiter or output protection. The volume drops exactly when a loud sound comes in the music and it was expected to distort (if it was already on its limit before).

For example when some one hit the drums. At this exact moment the whole volume drops, and then, if the drums stop for a while, the volume comes back up.

This sounds and smells like some limiter trying to avoid the sound from getting distorted, but it seems to be limiting too much. It’s not even letting my Soundcore Pro (the A3142) sound as loud as the A3143 without these fluctuations.