Dodgy Photoshopped Nebula Marketing Images

We all know that the images used for Nebula kit are fake, but how did this one get past QA? :scream:

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Isn’t that what the Nebula outputs? Some great quality HD video? That image looks better than my TV

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Such one you got?


Marketing is all about deception. We all know how some of the terms they use don’t even make sense.

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:point_up: This…if marketing departments did not give a gloss to ‘real world’ use, sales for many products would not be as strong…even if they are good to start with…

Looks like you’ve all missed the fact it’s projecting out the side of the unit containing a speaker, not the lamp.

Yes, I see that.

Plus, that’s one big picture for being so close to the wall

I don’t see anything out if the ordinary. This looks like a pretty typical ad that takes advantage of the fact that most people won’t stop and think “that doesn’t look right” and makes the product look 1000 times more glamorous, cool, and amazing than it actually is.

Marketing does some real glamorous stuff to promote products, but these have to be real… The image above shows incorrect representation … Anker should make a note and fix it

I noticed the first time I looked at the picture. I assume with most marketing stock images that they are photoshoped to help promote their products.

In this case they want the protector in spot in the image that people can see it. If they put the protector in the correct spot it would put the protector as the focus spot of the picture. I don’t people would even notice the protector if it was in the right spot in this image.

May be the whole world we see around us is edited with photoshop.
Who knows. :joy:

Why the left side of ad is so dull/blurred. Photoshop gone wrong :grin:

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Marketing! They want you to focus on the image produced by the projector! Very smart indeed!