Do You Wish You Had a Superpower?

Here at Anker, we make some high-tech stuff, so far ahead of the pack that (if they were humans and fought crime), you could practically call them superheroes! Sometimes it makes me wish that I had superpowers of my own.

What would it be like to be super-strong, travel through time, or blow all of the stray leaves out of my yard in one mighty breath? No more raking!

Now I’m really pondering this, so I thought I ask you fans: if you could choose one superpower to have, what would it be?


I’d wanna have super human strength like the Incredible Hulk.

Although to be fare I’d probably Hulk-out watching Arsenal in the English Premier League every week! :joy:

Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby were amazing in the 70’s TV version of the Incredible Hulk and well worth a look if no one else has seen it.


Time Travel.

I would go back in time, invest heavily in Anker and other tech companies. Maybe apple :stuck_out_tongue:

I could win the lottery, save humanity.


I’d like to be able to teleport, like Hiro on that show “Heroes” could do. With the traffic in Southern California, I’d LOVE to be able to just close my eyes and POOF I’m wherever I want to be.


Run at the speed of light.

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Indestructible and invisibility

Like batman, but better! lol

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The power of persuasion. Then I’d persuade people to be nicer to each other. :wink:


I would love the ability to burn as many calories as I want when resting, so I don’t feel guilty about Thanksgiving! :poultry_leg:


The power to heal by touch or thought would have to be mine…but I would draw the line at this :grin:

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This would have been helpful at my work luncheon today! Got the meat sweats!


For me be total bada$$ like the Punisher or Deadpool.

As to superpower, being to instant heal, regenerate, and be super human strength.

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I want to be like Dr. Strange with some mutant power like scarlet witch.

I would wanna be Slyar from Heroes (minus the need to kill people to steal there powers. But would mean that there needs to be other people on the planet with powers so I can learn their powers too.

If not possible then deadpool minus the face looking like a scrotum bit :joy::joy::joy:

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read the minds maybe :exploding_head:

Hahaha¡! :rofl: I agree with you! It will be the best superpower in the world! :hamburger::poultry_leg::bacon::meat_on_bone::cut_of_meat:

Probably to turn invisible so I can pull off some sweet pranks lol.

More importantly would you use your powers for good or bad? :innocent::smiling_imp:

Both, duh!

According to my neices and nephew as well as my son and wife, I already have super human strength as I can lift and move things I shouldn’t be able to. But hey, why not go all out and make me Hulk

And that ladies and gentlemen, is how I screwed up my back.

I lifted n shifted stuff no one else could. However, doing so, is the reason at 40 I had to retire on medical grounds. Doing that and a few more bad things n accidents, is why my neck has a couple of compressed discs m trapped nerves, and my spine is curved and I have 4 compressed discs n perm sciatica in both legs… Oops