Do you use Cash any more?

Hi, I was using my smartwatch as I could not be bothered to take my smartphone and the checkout til would not work, so… sigh… I dug out the plastic creditcard I kept and then it did not work… so… reached deep and found a cash note (which had been washed a few times as it was deep in the pocket) and thought…

Oh, yes, we’re getting cash-less.

I also read here a few situations where overall we are getting more cash-less

Do you embrace cash-less or prefer cash? I left this poll as you can click either just pick the one you use most if you can so we form a total average. If this works to match average we should get about 70%-80% cash-less.

  • use cash
  • do not use cash

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A tech hitch reminded me sometimes cash works so I went to the ATM “cash machine” to get some cash out. That should last me … months…


Yup, I still use cash. There are still a few bars, taco shops, pizza joints that are cash only around here.


All cash free for me. Our local taco truck has apple pay now. Fancy.

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Cashless for me, I get cash back via my business PayPal account and my credit card… I don’t even use my bank card anymore as if I route everything through PayPal I make money spending money so that’s the route I go. Very seldom do I keep cash on me


In some situations I use cash to get a discount. When you use a card there may be a fee to the retailer / business and sometimes they give a small % discount if you use cash.

There are then… cough… people who prefer cash for other reasons.

I made big use of cash haggling for B&B in England this summer. Cash in hand… in advance… but agree, most of the time… (99%…) cash is hassle.

Your right, some places do offer cash discount but around here it’s mostly gas stations. One way around that is to load up a store gas card and you get the discount anyway since it acts like cash. That’s how I been getting gas lately as it gives me a 5 cent discount plus I get 3 cents for the rewards card for a total of 8 cents off premium fuel that my car requires… And yes I have to use premium because my car is tuned and not Stock

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I’m working in China. At here, you can use your phone to scan the code to make a payment. It’s quite convenient. I don’t always have cash in my wallet.:money_mouth: The thief may be very disappointed!


On occasions, I’ve used cash to pay for my purchases. But for the most part, I just use my Apple Watch via Apple Pay. I find it a plus and a minus. On the plus side, it’s super convenient…no change to carry…and provides a fast checkout experience. On the down side, because it’s not actual paper money…it’s easier to go crazy with purchases. But overall, I love using Apple Pay.

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Ugh, ain’t that the truth. For me it’s because I forgo using my bank card and use my PayPal card or my phone which is linked to the account it is much easier to go over my Ballance that I have to, in fact last month I did it twice. Luckily I managed to get money into my account before I got slammed with overdraft fees

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Isn’t that fixable with what you use to pay cashless? The issue of spendaholic can be fixed by charging up your non cash with a fixed amount? E.g. Google Pay charge with cash.

But personally when I had to work in a small budget I used cash.

“Jam jar”

But this topic I was more interested in how you pay than can you pay or budgeting. If those on a budget had cashless, would they.

Of course I use cash.

The more you are “cash-less” the more you get controlled.
“Big brother” is watching you.

And how would you pay in the supermarket when there is a system crash
of the system? Happens often.

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It is soooo easy to to tap 2 pay, and go. You lose track of your spending… Yes I can check my bank app for balance.

When you pay in cash… You have an amount t of money in your wallet/purse, and as you spend you WATCH it decrease. Thus being aware of what your spending.

I prefer cash, but I think that’s a generational thing also… We didn’t have a cashless option growing up.

I do sometimes pay by card (tap n go), but try to check my balance afterwards, just so I’m more aware of what I’ve spent.

A couple times, I’ve done a few tap n god’s, and then been surprised how much I spent.

Before AOL, there was “literally” dial up Internet. You would tap in a number, and gain internet access, but you’d lose phone line, so got no phone calls. I had a decent plan, whereby it cost less than 1p (1cent) per minute. I was horrified to find that bill was £300 (GBP), I argued saying … You said there was a cap on my account … Got it down to £50. Phew!

My attitude was… It’s only 1p a minute, but they soon added up.

I spoon rushed out to get a AOL CD, to join up to their monthly subs!

The point I’m making is… It might be limited to £30 (GBP in UK) but they soon add up. When you hand over money, you’re much more aware of how.mucb you’ve spent.

I remember when cash was king. You’d go into a hifi shop (for example) and say… How much for cash, and you’d get a decent discount for paying with cash, as apposed to card (which cost the to.process).

Even though I mainly stick to online purchases, physical cash is still an everyday thing for me…plus as mentioned already it makes it good for certain price bartering and/or when the seller just doesn’t have the capabilities…

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I rarely use cash myself. In fact, this past weekend I went out to breakfast while visiting a friend in another city and was shocked when I saw the “cash only” sign. Is that even legal? :joy: I had to go to the ATM and it’s been so long that I almost forgot how to use one.

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I like to use cash

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I use cash still because when you lose a credit card in public and you don’t cancel it, someone will try to use it. It’s even worse if it is a debit card from your bank instead.

Exactly why you still need at least some cash to hold on to.

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We say here:
“Cash macht fesch”
(cash makes smart) :sunglasses:

The thief will steal your phone! :joy:

Here in Spain there are lots of bar or coffee shops where the minimum to pay with card should be above 6€,
I always have cash,

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