Do you use Anker USB charging cables or another brand?

I currently use Syncwire cables. The ports are very strong, but the cables themselves have started to degrade. Has someone out there found a cable that will last more than a few months?

Anker and Samsung but I prefer much more cables anker

I always use anker or Aukey cables but the last couple months I find the anker cables work the best so always use anker cables

I recently bought a USB ammeter to test all my cables with. The results have been very enlightening. They are only a few quid and well worth having to help you identify which cables and devices are actually working properly.

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I’ve only had issues w/ short in general, my personal experience

A total convert to Anker USB cables but that’s because I’ve never had any issues with them, unlike Apple cables which appear to have a very limited life span. However, I am aware that some people have had issues with the Anker cables and from what I read they are quick to replace these or offer a refund. Good also to see Anker offering a guarantee when purchasing their products.

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I tend to use Anker as I know they are reputable, but have used Aukey, Syncwire, and RAVPower in the past. Many of the supposed MFi cables are fake so I make sure to go with well-known brands.

I prefer the braided cables. Anker cables are pretty much just branded generic cables.

Usually I like any sort of braided cable. I’m using a non-braided cable from Plantronics right now, which I expect to last quite a while. I originally used the Anker cord that came with the battery, but the wire covering near the micro USB end started to come apart. I also have a longer braided reversable cable from microflip that I use for wall charging.

I use Anker, along with some unbranded cable. Honestly, I have no idea where the unbranded cable came from, but it’s surprisingly impressive.

Haha, my best cable right now is one I found on the ground :smiley:


I use a 6ft PowerLine+ with a Quick Charge 3.0 18W charger and it’s fine and no issues for the past few months. Most Anker products I have have gone above and beyond what I expected the quality to be! Now my goto brand!

Currently i use only Anker Cables, i have a Powerline+ lightning for my iPhone and i bought a PowerPort 5 in a bundle with 5 normal USB to Micro USB cables (3 of 0.3m, 1 of 0.9m and 1 of 1.8m), also almost.

i already have like 6+ months with all those cables and all of them still works like a charm.

Not just saying this because it’s an Anker forum but Anker original cables are sturdy and well bonded. Not had a failure yet and used under many conditions. In my earlier years the cheapest was the option, you soon see sense and the outlook is different. Good solid quality builds

Since I found Anker, they are the only cables I use. The cables come with a guarantee which is a comfort although I’ve never had a problem. They outlast any apple brand cables I have easily and are way cheaper!

Anker or OEM is my way to go. I do use Aukey cables as well since I had some good ones.

Anker cables have been the most reliable so far; Out beating monoprice and other brands i’ve used. They keep snug fit for the past 6 months of daily use since pokemon go came out

I currently use the Apple cable that came with my phone but personally I really don’t like it. It is super weak and not well colored and not long enough. I prefer Anker cables or at least what I know about Anker cables much better.

Has Anker start a usb C to A cable? MY newest device the trek 8 hd has that as a usb input?

Yes @vegasvinman Anker do a USB A to USB C cable