Do you use an email client?

Not many people I know of use an email client these days.

Personally, I use Inbox by Google for my personal gmail, and Thunderbird as my client for my other custom domain emails (I have quite a lot that I need to check). Do you use an email client? If so, which one?

My favorite email client is actually Mailbird, but I’m too cheap to cough up for Pro. I don’t use it enough for it to pay off, so I settle for Thunderbird.

Gmail all the way. I’ve migrated my custom domains to Gmail and keep it all in there. Saves on hosting and I know I’ll never lose any.

Yes, Google offers premiere email hosting for domains. It costs a killing though. $5 per month per email! I use Namecheap Private Email hosting, as it’s just $10 per year, and gets cheaper with each email you add (to one domain).

Used to use my own domain and email setup but migrated to gmail a few years ago. 15GB of space and no yearly fees for the domain and hosting, was a no brainer really for me…

I don’t pay Google anything. I just have my custom domain emails checked by POP and downloaded into my Gmail.

I like Outlook client as it ties together my calendar and contacts as well. It will also unify my cloud account with my phone and any device I install it on. Never lost a phone and contacts, just get a new phone and sync contacts back again.

Ohh, so you mean you use gmail as your client. Gotcha. I thought you meant you used gmail for the hosting as well (which they offer - Out of curiosity, what do you use for hosting?

A fairly small UK company called United Hosting. Great support.

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Another vote for Gmail! But the fact that you cannot easily setup multiple aliases on one account drives me crazy.

I use the feature all the time and it works well. What kind of alias are you after?

A different email entirely. For example, I would want to be able to send mail as from my account, instead of needing to login to 2 different gmail accounts.

So I tend to use chrome as my browser so it keeps history across my devices, I have Linux desktop, Chromebook, Android and a Windows VM.

So i tend to use web mail in Chrome and on Android the gmail app.

I used to use Thunderbird a lot years ago before ubiquitious Internet happened like 4 years ago because you were before then offline a lot.

I have had a Yahoo email for a while and I’m satisfied.

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I use Apple Mail for Fastmail and Domain accounts.

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I only ever check email from my phone, so the Gmail app is literally all I use.


I only use gmail

Yes i have use the email client. it provides the better service for email.Email is most popular for sending or receiving the documents by using the internet.

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