Do you think Battery cases are worthwhile?

I have cases, and batteries, but never saw the point of Anker cases. I mean it keeps the phone heavy and large in my pocket and I’d rather connect a battery when required which I find the best answer.

Who likes battery cases and why?

I want one but I want it to be at least 10,000 mAh. I always carry my Anker and phone so why not combine the two?

10000mah would be quite big.

You then got the camera, flash, microphone, rear fingerprint reader, you’d have a moon crater of thick holes in the case and the battery would be in that smaller cross section where no holes.

So I imagine a case would be heavier and thicker than a separate battery.

I like the concept of a battery case but I just don’t like the bulkiness required for one. I’d rather just use a portable charger. I get that it is a little bit more work but in the end I prefer it more.


I do not like a battery case, and here are the reasons why:

  • Extra bulk added to phone
  • They don’t offer as much protection as other protective cases, such as OtterBox Defender
  • Half of the time I forget to charge my phone at my desk, so I wouldn’t remember to consistently charge my battery case, making it useless when I need it most
  • Way smaller battery than that of an external power bank

The main bottom line is, if I forget to charge my phone, I’m going to forget to charge my battery case. I’d rather stick to my nice and beefy 10000mAh external battery to bail me out when I need it most! Especially for long road trips, power banks are the way to go!

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Never been a fan of them myself. Added bulk, sometimes compromised protection and I’ve also seen some cause scratches to the phones, no thanks after spending £600 plus on a phone

I either keep my PowerCore 10000 near me if on a long day out with intense phone use is likely and/or just charge the phone before I leave the house for the day…

They hardly make any decent ones for any other phone besides an iPhone or a Galaxy. Which is sad cause I’d probably buy one for my OnePlus One, even if it made it twice as thick.

I agree totally. I’ve always been tempted by the idea but put off by the bulk and weight. I have an small Anker battery that holds enough juice for just over one full charge and is small enough to to fit in a pocket without too much bother.

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Can you imagine something so heavy as a battery being above the phone as the phone side hit the ground…

Most cases have a low density design to add protection with little weight. A weighty battery attached to the phone… cringe…

I thought I made that point in my comment? :confused:

You mentioned scratches, I’m mentioning the case smashing onto the phone, but yes its the same overall point of damage to the phone.

Back when I had my HTC Thunderbolt (Verizon), I scored charging cases for $1.00 each (not from Anker).

They added bulk to the phone, but they had a rubber coating, and actually felt pretty good in the hand. They offered a nice boost of power, and I did make use of them once in a while… but they were not my every day case… I used them only when I knew I was going to be out somewhere and expected my phone’s battery wouldn’t last the entire time. Of course, once I switched phones, these cases were useless.

Sure the battery cases are nice because you only have to carry “one thing” (phone in case = one thing)… there is no wire to tether the two things together (i.e. phone tethered to battery).

If I had to pay full price for them, I probably would not have purchased them.

Now that I’ve been using the Anker products, I don’t think I Could go with battery cases for my phone. I like being able to use them with ANY phone, or even headset, camera, etc. That I purchase without being locked into only working on one model phone. And that I can get various sizes and capacities.

Personally, bulkiness. Also, don’t need more things that can catch fire if I accidentally drop it or while I’m out and about.

Regular cases work great, backup batteries, car chargers or power packs do the trick.

I do not think battery cases are worth while. In my opinion they make the phone too bulky and heavy.

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Yep I have no problem with that. A mate had a 10,000 mAh one on his old Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was wonderful. It looked like a a brick but suddenly he had a phone that actually lasted several days without needing to be charged.

I definitely think battery cases are worthwhile & love my Mophie case for my Samsung Galaxy S6. I use it everyday for that extra phone charge when I don’t want to be plugged into something or its really inconvenient to be.

I love my PowerCore 20,100 for when I’m staying in one spot for an extended period at home (or taking out with me when I need a lot of extra juice), but sometimes its not practical for certain things. Especially when I’m around the house cleaning, or doing some things that require me to move stuff for an extended period, its really not feasible to have my heavy PowerCore in my pocket plugged into my phone.

It just gets in the way, & I risk having them fall out of my pocket bending down or having the cable liable to snag on stuff. So battery cases come in huge for me with that since I can just switch my regular Otterbox case & put on my Mophie case when I need to & have no cables to worry about.

It also provides good solid protection as well, I’ve dropped my Mophie case a couple of times on my kitchen tile, & the case as well as my phone are just fine. :slight_smile:

As for it bring large & heavy, while there is some weight & slight bulk to the Mophie charging case I consider it a fair trade. Especially since its quality made & serves as a a pretty good protective case as well as a charging one. And I quickly got used to it. Also, its much lighter than carrying my Powercore in my pocket.

I’ve never been a fan of the battery case, though I know plenty that are. I can charge my phone up in work and am never far from a charging point. Though if you were going to a festival I imagine they would be a lifesaver

So I wasn’t sure which topic to add this, too, but I know many community members have recently been asking about battery cases… As of right now, Anker has discontinued all but one model.

Earlier this week, I came across an article talking about legal complications between Anker and Mophie. It sounds like Mophie is claiming that Anker interfered with their design patents. :confused: How else are you supposed to design a battery case?

Anyway, I have not been able to relocate the source, but just thought I’d share for people wondering.

That’s a shame really, I see so many manufacturers making cases if they go after anker they need to do so after all of them

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Never liked them my husband bought two and we only used for a week or two but power banks are much better.

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